GRK 1721

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Gender Equality Program

The RTG1721 implements serveral measures to ensure gender equality in research.

A particular focus is the provision of role models and mentoring.


  • The RTG1721 invites to a lecture series on general aspects of gender equality in science (all genders welcome!).
  • The RTG1721 offers female doctoral researchers an individual mentoring program, where female doctoral candidates can select a mentor.
  • The RTG1721 encourages female doctoral researchers to present their work on national or international conferences
  • The RTG1721 supports female doctoral researchers during their pregnancy (student assistant)
  • The RTG1721 offers transferable skills training courses exclusively for female researchers
  • The RTG1721 invites role models to share their research and discuss career and gender equality issues
  • The RTG1721 organizes dual career lessions by RTG1721 group leaders