GRK 1721

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Courses and Workshops

Advanced methods workshops are designed to facilitate entry into cross-disciplinary projects. Moreover, the RTG1721 offers key skills training courses to improve professional skills of our doctoral researchers.


Doctoral candidates regularly meet and give progress reports. RTG1721 PIs introduce their research and methods in introductory lecture series and international guest speakers are invited.


RTG1721 retreats bring together all doctoral candidates, PIs and invited guests. RTG1721 research is presented during poster sessions and social activities like hiking or sightseeing are part of the program.


The RTG1721 was inaugurated in 2012 (RTG1721 Kick-off Meeting). We invited guest speakers in the area of structural biology hybrid methods from leading institutions abroad as well as from Munich. The RTG1721 regularly co-organizes campus-wide symposia.