GRK 1721

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Mentoring and Coaching

Internal Mentors

Each female doctoral or postdoctoral researcher can choose a mentor from among the group leaders in RTG1721 or, if desired, from outside. The RTG1721 has several members who are experienced in combining family and work and are ready to share their experiences with younger colleagues. The mentors can assist in career decisions, help with grant applications, and give advice with respect to work-life balance.

External Mentors

The RTG1721 gender equality committee (composed of two doctoral candidates and the scientific coordinator) initiated a mentoring program:

Female doctoral candidates can invite experts from a specific field to network and get advice in questions ranging from work-life balance to career options. The gender equality committee plans to invite experts from academic area, from consulting companies and from patent attorney offices in the next years.

Business Dinner - Exchange with Scientists from Industry

RTG1721 female researcher had the possibility to join an evening to exchange and network with two experts from pharmaceutical industry, who shared important experience from working in industry and to give career advice.

Date: May 20th, 2015
Location: 7 and more

Participants: Laure Bourbon (Origenis GmbH, Martinsried) and Gloria Tabares (Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Penzberg)