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Retreat 2019

Retreat 2019

RTG1721 on the road! The retreat 2019 took place in Hamburg, where we visited multiple state-of-the-art research facilities, including DESY, EMBL, CSSB and the european XFEL. We had very impressing days in Hamburg and we thank everyone for hosting us!



Sunday, November 10

  • Travel
  • Meeting with André Heuer (Salipro Biotech AB, Stockholm)
  • Social Activity, Boat Tour and Dinner

Monday, November 11

  • Talks by Christian Löw and Thomas Schneider (EMBL Hamburg)
  • DESY Tour 
  • Talk by Kay Grünewald (Center for Structural Systems Biology, CSSB)
  • Cryo-EM Facility Tour, CSSB
  • Talk by Cy Jeffries (EMBL Hamburg) and SAXS- and MX-Beamline tour

Tuesday, November 12

  • Talk by Robin Schubert and Arwen Cross (european XFEL) and XFEL Tour, Schenefeld
  • Talk by Daniel Wilson (Hamburg University)
  • Travel